Established 1989

Sonlandpark Apteek was established in 1977 in Vereeniging, back then it was known as the ‘Coetzee Apteke Group of Companies’. The pharmacist of Sonlandpark Apteek, Josef Coetzee, spent the later part of the 1980’s developing the now very successful diet, ‘The Diet Everyone Talks About’, because he recognised the need in himself and his patients to create a healthy and sustainable eating plan.

They went through a few years of trial and error and have developed and grown this program into a very successful and highly sought-after weight management program. In fact, the demand for this program grew so rapidly and to such an extent that it became a necessity for the group to expand and offer The Diet nationally, even internationally, since 1989.

Today this diet is available in nearly 80 locations and has successfully helped hundreds of thousands of people manage their weight, diabetes and other diseases related to obesity. Their success rests on the fact that the group operates as a close-knit family and they have used their combined research and experience of over 30 years and applied it to their own lives first, before introducing it to the public.

Aside from The Diet, the Sonlandpark group has developed an entire range of recipe books, low-GI sweets and health supplements to suit any dietary need. We are entirely committed to the health and well-being of our patients – this includes teaching them how to achieve a healthy lifestyle. We offer a wide variety of services and products, in short – we strive to make your life a healthy one.

Good health is not something we can buy.
However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.

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Josef Coetzee

Founder & Pharmacist

Josef Coetzee

Founder & Pharmacist

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