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Add-a-Vit Cap 30



Add-a-Vit is a multivitamin, specially formulated and developed to stimulate weight reduction. In contrast, most of the other multivitamins available on the market usually have the exact opposite effect.

  • Add-a-Vit capsules contain a high amount of Zinc and Iodine – the elements most beneficial in assisting with weight loss.
  • Add-a-Vit stimulates your metabolism
  • Add-a-Vit assist the metabolizing of lipids in the body, and therefor has fat disassemble qualities.
  • Add-a-Vit reduces food cravings and act therefor as an appetite suppressant.

Add-a-Vit is loaded with antioxidants and contains all the recommended daily vitamins your body needs. It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the South African market and is ideal for daily lifelong use.