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I lost 28 kg’s, and kept it off for 3 years now!

Hi there, my name is Charmaine and I am now 21 years old, a full time student. Weighing 86.1 kilograms I had no self-confidence and didn’t believe in myself. All I wanted was to buy and wear beautiful dresses and fit into size 32 jeans. It has been 3 years since I stared The Diet Everyone Talks About and I have maintained my weight of 58.1 kg. I now feel confident and believe in myself. Anyone can do this diet!

Refilwe Ngobese

I have lost a fantastic 40kg’s and feel so good about myself!

My name is Refilwe Ngobese; I am 32 years old and am happily married with two children. As an Interior Decorator my job keeps me very busy and when I get home I am still busy with my kids and household responsibilities. I tried many methods of losing weight but nothing seemed to work. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the results I have achieved from being on The Diet Everyone Talks About. My husband cannot believe how fantastic I look and is so proud of me… and my children don’t stop talking about their beautiful mother.

Elaine la Grange

My total weight loss to date is 21.5kg! I feel amazing…

My name is Elaine la Grange, a happily married 32 year old mother of a two year old daughter. Last year I was overweight and unhappy with the way I looked. I simply did not want to leave the house! This is not a diet or jail sentence, but a lifestyle programme and you really do eat lots of great food. To be honest, being on The Diet Everyone Talks About has completely changed my outlook on life.

Your biggest enemy is shopping hungry, make sure that you don't make this mistake! Shop with a list and know what you can eat. Download it and use it... It works!

Josef Coetzee

Founder & Pharmacist,

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