Now I can run again!

Meet Naomi Dunhin, who works as a Diet Clinician in Polokwane. Naomi is passionate about running but unfortunately, life happens and she had some serious struggles with her knee since the age of 12. Every doctor she consulted told her that she would never run again. A couple of years ago she underwent corrective surgery and […]

How to Read Food Labels Properly

It would probably surprise you to know that, in this day and age of healthy living and weight-consciousness, most people simply read the front of the packaging and accept products at face value. Most shoppers simply accept that a product is ‘low-fat’, ‘high in fiber’ or ‘a healthy snack’. People buy a product, because it’s […]

I’m feeling inspired with a new zest for life!

This is Nicolize Wahlstrand, a 43 year old mother and wife. She was diagnosed as insulin resistant and had to take hormone replacement medication that made her gain weight which she just could not get rid of! In May 2013, she weighed 88.4kg. She always felt tired, had constant back ache and sore feet. Because of […]

Low carb diets and high blood pressure.

How does a low carb diet affect my high blood pressure? If you, or a member of your family are on a diet that is low in carbohydrates and moderate in protein, then you are probably wondering whether there will be any change in your blood pressure (albeit high or low). Laura Schoenfeld, a registered […]

Just do it! It’s worth it in the end!

Meet Rene Taylor. She is a 36 year old mother of two, aged five and three years old. Rene works as a Body Stress Release Practitioner which requires long hours with little time to herself. She found that the decision to lose weight was easy, but choosing a diet to best suit your needs and […]

Every day brings about new experiences!

Let me introduce Reka Greyling. Reka is a happily married 43 year old homemaker with four children, two boys and two girls aged between 7 and 25 years old. At her heaviest she weighed 85.5 kg! Her story probably seems no different from anyone else battling with weight problems. She gained quite a bit of […]

If I can’t enjoy my favourite meal, what can I have?

The very first thought on any dieter’s mind is almost certainly, ‘how long until I can go back to my normal way of eating?’ Most of us usually fall off the diet bandwagon because we just cannot resist our favourite carb loaded meal. A pizza, a burger, a steak slathered in sauce or those crispy, […]