19 kg lighter and walking tall!

Meet Palesa Madiseng, a mother, a wife and a business woman.

Palesa started THE DIET because she had had enough of how she looked. She never wanted to go out because she felt self-conscious and felt that people were always talking about her. Because of her weight problems her feet started to swell terribly, they became painful to the point where she could barely walk.
As a result she found herself staying at home more often. Not only this but she made her kids stay at home with her so that she wouldn’t be alone, which made Palesa-Madiseng-Afterthem very unhappy. Palesa’s life was not where she wanted it to be
and she knew things had to change.

After trying many diets she finally came across The Diet Everyone Talks About on the internet and decided to give it a try. Palesa said it was so easy to follow and it was not like other diets where you had to weigh the food before eating it, or even buy special foods.

After following the diet plan strictly as well as starting an exercise routine, she had lost 19kg in the wink of an eye!

Her feet were no longer swollen and she felt beautiful. Her self-esteem improved and she now loves to go out.

Her kids were also very happy with the changes, especially now that she plays with them and they all go out as a family. Family and friends can’t stop telling her how amazing she looks and how proud they are of her for committing to this new lifestyle.

The diet has changed her life for the better!




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